Whole Healthcare Plans

Logo TaijituChoose a plan designed to help you regain strength, decrease pain and inflammation, increase respiratory wellness, enable stress management, provide postural alignment exercises, and assist with other challenges and improvements you may be facing in life.

This is a healthcare plan designed to reduce the cost of our services to you while providing efficient and effective treatment sessions. 

Quality of life is one of the most regarded statistics when determining "happiest places and people" around the world.  While many factors can contribute to quality of life, pain free mobility and overall good health, is one of them. 
At Fit Instincts, we specialize in using fascia and trigger point release to focus on the areas where pain has ended up, releasing the root cause of the trigger, then incorporating corrective exercise prescription to balance dysfunctional moment patterns to prevent future setbacks.  The best part is, you learn about how your individual body works and how to do many types of "mini" treatments on yourself at home, honing into your very own fit instincts. 
Spending 10-15 minutes, twice a day, can be the difference in getting out in the garden, hiking your favorite trails, hitting the golf course, playing with kids/grandkids, and performing other enjoyable activities without the suffering afterwards. 
Call or email us to schedule a free consultation and to get started with your Initial Health Assessment. 

No two treatment plans are exactly the same

because no two people are exactly the same.

Choose Fit Instincts when it feels right to be fit.

Schedule your consultation with our Wellness Coordinator to design your wellness journey and to see if we are the right fit for your healthcare needs.