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Clinical Massage Therapy and Active Recovery:

$70 (60 minute sessions)

Experience the healing power of clinical massage therapy with Desiree' DallaGuardia. Specializing in injury rehabilitation and therapeutic recovery, Desiree' combines her extensive knowledge and expertise to provide personalized treatments that target your specific needs. Book your appointment now and embark on a journey to optimal wellness and rejuvenation.

All treatments are client centered, evidence based and results oriented that include assessment, hydrotherapy (application of heat and/or cold), manual treatment of soft tissue and the suggestion of remedial exercise(s). All clients are treated with clothes on. Please wear cotton pants/shorts and loose cotton t-shirt for treatments.

About Desiree:

Desiree' DallaGuardia studied Massage Therapy at the Maui Academy of the Healing Arts (MAHA) and holds a license to practice in the states of Colorado and Hawaii. After completing her study at MAHA, Desiree' joined David Morin and Health Matters Seminars as a student for advanced study in the specific treatment of soft tissue injuries. After successfully completing the extensive 6 course training program and performing 3 years post graduate work with Mr. Morin, she became an instructor for 5 years with Health Matters Live Seminars.

Clinical massage therapists are trained professionals who employ techniques that help heal muscles and the body as a whole. They possess a working knowledge of muscles and therapy that lesser-qualified people who are practicing massage do not. They typically require education beyond a high school diploma in the form of a training program that prepares them for certification, which is required in most states.

Desiree is available for booking at Fit Instincts Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8am-3:30pm.

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