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Fit Instincts now sells Dr. Amber's Fire Cider.

Each bottle is $32 and has 32 servings.

You can trust your medicine, because it is real food. 

Fire cider is a pungent concoction that is made of apple cider vinegar, onions, garlic and horseradish, sometimes with citrus, ginger and hot peppers. It is steeped for weeks and used once it becomes tangy and hot. 

This home remedy drink is utilized to strengthen the immune system and ward off cold-weather illness.

Dr. Amber has spent decades perfecting her recipe, always made with prayer, good energy intentions, music, dancing, love...all the good vibes as well as amazing and locally sourced ingredients. Get your bottle today as we head into cold and flu season. Don't get caught without it. 

Three flavors to choose from:

Elderberry Rosehip

Turmeric Gold

Dandelion Detox

There are many proposed benefits to drinking Fire Cider daily or when you are feeling under the weather. While the basic recipe has been used for hundreds of years, Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar coined the term "Fire Cider" for the apple cider vinegar tonic in the 1970's. To look at the potential benefits of Fire Cider - a folk herbal remedy, check out the article from Medical News Today below:

Dr. Amber’s Fire Cider

Dr. Amber’s Fire Cider


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Hi, I'm Dr. Amber

I have been making herbal remedies for my family and friends for 20 years.

​At 22 years old, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), told that I would have difficulty conceiving children, and there was nothing to do but take birth control pills for the rest of my life to make my cycles normal. I rejected this doctors advice and took my health into my own hands. That's when I found Naturopathic Medicine and healed myself. I no longer suffer from the symptoms of PCOS and had two children without any "difficulty".

​When I was in practice as a naturopathic doctor for over a dozen years, I still found myself prescribing "pills" of natural medicine, which when taken in isolation are not as effective as an everyday plant-rich lifestyle. As a parent, I was also struggling to get my kids to get their herbs in pill form--and not to mention boring and tasteless.

I started getting creative in the kitchen and adding herbs into recipes, having my kids make their own tea blends, getting familiar with the tastes and obscuring the boundaries between food and medicine.

​Humans evolved alongside plants and are uniquely designed to thrive on a wide and varied sampling of them in our diets-as food and medicine.

The more phytonutrient (plant-based nutrients beyond vitamins and minerals) diversity we have in our diets, the better our health with be, as these herbs communicate with our bodies, all the way down to influencing our genetic expression.

When we give our bodies the right types of food, we function and feel better. As I say, real food helps you feel real good.

​It is my hope that Dr. Amber’s Fire Cider helps bring more nutritious whole foods and healing herbs into your everyday living; not just as "natural" alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs and pills, but as vital nourishment and enrichment.


I am accepting 3 new clients for deep one on one work. 

Email Dr. Amber at: [email protected]

Please let her know you are a referral from Fit Instincts. 

Dr. Amber’s Fire Cider

Dr. Amber’s Fire Cider


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