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Dr. Amber’s Fire Cider

Dr. Amber’s Fire Cider


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Hi, I'm Dr. Amber

I've been practicing the healing arts for over 20 years. Even as a teenager, friends came to me for a compassionate and non-judgmental ear. I learned that just listening and holding a safe container for someone to express themselves, was healing. 

At 22 years old, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), told that I would have difficulty conceiving children, and there was nothing to do but take birth control pills for the rest of my life to make my cycles normal. I rejected this doctors advice and took my health into my own hands. That's when I found Naturopathic Medicine and healed myself. I no longer suffer from the symptoms of PCOS and had two children without any "difficulty". 

Though every person has a unique path for healing, I am guided by a set of principles that apply to my life, not just health.

Guiding Principles:

You are whole.

You are designed to heal.

Remove the root cause.

We are spiritual beings having a human experiences. Both need to be cared for.

We are all connected and our health depends on the health of our family, community, environment and Earth. 

What Dr. Amber has to offer:

I am a healer and really good at what I do but I don’t heal you. You heal you.
ALL of my patients get better. Like, remarkably better. No matter if their ailments and illness are physical, mental or emotional, my patients ALL IMPROVE SIGNIFICANTLY.

---27 year old female with vertigo, nausea, dizziness after disembarking from a cruise ("Disembarkment syndrome"). Went to ER, multiple doctors and was given a valium and told to wait it out. Could not work, leave the house, or sleep. Within 24 hours of a homeopathic remedy from me, she was 40% better. 7 days later she was back at work and 90% better.
---11 year old boy who has stopped gaining weight and no interest in food. In one month, he has started ASKING FOR 3 SNACKS a day and has gained 1 lb. This might not seem like a lot but he only gained 3 lbs in ALL of last year. Parents are very happy with his new interest in food and weight gain.
---32 year old female who felt like her emotions were out of control, menstrual irregularities, no energy, and aches and pains through out body. Now is 100% pain free, more energy and feels like she controls her emotions instead of her emotions controlling her. Periods are normal. All this in 6 months of working together.

I have been doing this for nearly 20 years,you'd think I'd be more confidant in my skills and not be ashamed to say so, but I have never felt like I needed to say so. I thought that by saying I was a GREAT doctor, people might think I am bragging. But I am not bragging, and I am not saying this for slaps on the back or awards or recognition.

I am saying this now because if I don't, people who are hurt and suffering might never know that they can get better. They might never know I exist, what I do, or how I could help them.
That's why I am telling you. I'm not a clever marketer. I don't want to have to convince or trick or use psychological manipulation to get new patients (trust me the "online marketing" world is out to manipulate you). I'm just telling you the truth right now and that is that I AM A GREAT DOCTOR and if you want to experience true, natural healing, please talk to me.

I am accepting 3 new clients for deep one on one work. 

Email Dr. Amber at: [email protected]

Please let her know you are a referral from Fit Instincts. 

Dr. Amber’s Fire Cider

Dr. Amber’s Fire Cider


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