Born in New Orleans,LA, Melissa (aka Missy) grew up strong with family, outdoors and culture.  Her grannie got her into yoga in her late teens. The fluidity of the movements and the link to breath got her addicted.   During the most destructive hurricane this country has ever seen, she met the man of her dreams and uprooted to his home state.  They have 2 beautiful children together and reside in Pueblo near his family. During 2016, events turned Melissa to an awakening, or Bodhii and she made a life decision to become a student of yoga for life.  Her journey began January 2017. Yoga has healed her heart, her mind and her soul. Barre helped with her uptempo and dance roots. She became Barre certified Fall 2017 and is equally passionate. Foundation, Alignment and Confidence is what she thrives for her students to achieve. She's full of life and love for everything authentic. Join her classes and feel her difference.