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Drinking pure, filtered water is one of the easiest ways you can make changes towards abundant health. The Boroux Foundation Filter  outranks other systems because of the ability to rid your water of over 200 contaminates while also keeping the natural, life-sustaining mineral content of your water.

This one change is so simple. Do this for you and your family, knowing that every day you are choosing your health and wellness.

Unmatched Filtration, Uncompromised Quality Advanced Technology, Flawless Results.

Introducing BOROUX’s inaugural product, the BOROUX foundation.™ filter! 
It has been designed to last up to 3,000 gallons for common contaminants. Equipped with Stem Saver™ technology to reinforce stem durability. The BOROUX foundation.™ is compatible with most gravity-fed water filtration housings and fluoride filters.

This filter is not intended to filter microorganisms.

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Read about the health benefits of drinking the recommended daily dose of water:

Mayo Clinic



Boroux Foundation Filters only need to be replaced every 3,000 gallons! Think of the money you will save and the positive environmental impact you can have, by choosing Fit Instincts and Boroux for your health and wellness. Buy a Boroux water filter to ensure your family's safety by improving one of the most important aspects to good health, water intake.