Jocelyn Profile PictureJocelyn Martinez is a Certified Mastery Health and Wellness coach, as well as a Certified Empowered Well-being Coach who focuses on building a positive foundation based around the connection between the body and the mind. Jocelyn assists her clients in shifting habits and mindsets that keep us in survival mode instead of thriving mode.

Jocelyn supports her clients by empowering the relationship we have with our bodies and our food that supports our body so we can create a balanced healthy lifestyle.Jocelyn has studied at Health Coach Institute where she received her certifications in Health and Wellness Coaching, Mastery Coaching, Transformational Methods, as well as a CHWC Certified Empowered Well-being Coach *NBHWC approved training*.

Jocelyn is also a Healthy Lifestyle Private Chef, where she focuses on healthy eating that is flavorful, deprivation free, and sustainable. Jocelyn is the Owner of SoulSmile Health & Wellness, LLC where she offers 1:1 Health and Mindset Coaching, SoulSmile Kitchen a Healthy Meal Delivery Program * OFFERED IN PUEBLO AREA ONLY*, Cooking and Empowerment Workshops.If you are interested in having a conversation, please feel free to contact Jocelyn