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Our groundbreaking protocol at Fit Instincts is revolutionizing the way people reclaim their quality of life. If you or someone you know has been held back by pain and disease, especially neuropathy, our innovative approach could be the answer you've been searching for. Fill out the application today and see how you can take your first step towards a life free from limitations.

The Pueblo Nerve Project is a collaborative approach to restoring health and quality of life. While separate studies indicate and prove proper nutrition, movement and circulation diminishes complications experienced with neuropathy, they haven't ever been combined in one single treatment protocol before. That means, you will be on the cutting edge of restorative treatment, with the guarantee of feeling better with our 12 week treatment plan!

You must be able to commit to the full 3 month program to qualify (exceptions are made for vacation, sick days, or other minor disruptions). It is free and easy to see if you qualify. Fill out the application below and we will reach out in 1-2 business days with the next steps. Choose to restore your health with our simple and basic treatment plan.

We are accepting 10 participants this round, and will offer our treatment plan again in the late summer. During our treatment protocol, you will experience PEMF, nutrition through IV or IM injections, optional oral nutrition supplements, gentle stretches and corrective movements appropriate for all fitness levels. If you have any questions, please reach out to us: (719) 506-4297 or [email protected].

To see if you qualify for this cutting edge treatment plan, click on the button below or fill out the form directly from the website on the bottom of this page.

Cost for our 12 week program is $1500. Payment plans can be set up upon request directly with Fit Instincts. We also accept Afterpay at checkout.  Please call or email us to set up your payment plan before treatment starts.

Our next program starts Monday, April 8, 2024. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more research and studies

on the modalities used in our Pueblo Nerve Project. 

*Wellness Program Satisfaction Guarantee and Reimbursement 

To demonstrate our commitment to the effectiveness of our Pueblo Nerve Project and the value we place on participant satisfaction, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee provides participants with the option for reimbursement should the program not meet its stated wellness outcomes. Scroll to the bottom of the page for details.

Pueblo Nerve Project

Pueblo Nerve Project


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Hear from different specialists and practitioners about the healing components of Pueblo Nerve Project below.


Read about further studies and reasearch being conducted with the modalities being used in the Pueblo Nerve Project and how they are helping people decrease and eliminate complications with neuropathy. Restore your health today!

*Wellness Program Satisfaction Guarantee and Reimbursement Clause

To demonstrate our commitment to the effectiveness of our three-month wellness program and the value we place on participant satisfaction, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee provides participants with the option for reimbursement should the program not meet its stated wellness outcomes, subject to the terms and conditions outlined below:

1.      Program Participation: Full participation in the program is required to qualify for the Satisfaction Guarantee. This includes, but is not limited to, attending all scheduled sessions, completing all program activities, and adhering to prescribed wellness plans.
2.      Defined Wellness Outcomes: The wellness outcomes promised by our program are clearly defined in the program documentation provided to participants upon enrollment. These outcomes form the basis for the Satisfaction Guarantee.
3.      Outcome Evaluation: At the conclusion of the three-month period, participants will undergo an evaluation conducted by our team to measure the program’s effectiveness and the achievement of the stated wellness outcomes. This evaluation will include a comparison of initial assessments taken at the program’s start to those taken at its conclusion.
4.      Reimbursement Eligibility: Should the evaluation demonstrate that the stated wellness outcomes were not achieved despite the participant’s full compliance with program requirements, the participant will be eligible for reimbursement. Details regarding the process and conditions for claiming such reimbursement will be provided at program start.
5.      Claim Process: Participants seeking reimbursement under the Satisfaction Guarantee must submit a claim within 30 days following the program’s conclusion. The claim must include documented proof of participation and adherence to the program as outlined in the Program Participation section.
6.      Review and Processing: All claims under the Satisfaction Guarantee will be reviewed by the program administration. Reimbursement claims found to be valid will be processed within 60 days of submission. The method and specifics of the reimbursement will be outlined at the beginning of the program.
7.      Limitations and Exclusions: The Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover dissatisfaction based on personal preferences, external factors beyond the control of the program, or non-compliance with program requirements. Details of limitations and exclusions will be clearly communicated to participants upon enrollment.

Participants are encouraged to engage with the program administrators for any questions or further clarifications regarding this Satisfaction Guarantee and Reimbursement Clause.