Moving the body in a functional way while increasing strength, range of motion and flexibility is the key to balance within the muscular self. Whether teaching classes and workshops or working one on one with clientele, these aspects of the body become the focus with Rachel.  Attention to the details of each movement, each breath and every intention is how Rachel has crafted her specialty.  Her approach to wellness includes not only the physical movements of the body and breath, but also the light and love of going through the process.

Through her many years of personal training, Rachel wanted to encompass a deeper understanding of how the emotional self affects the physical body, and she began her studies with Feng Shui, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Five Element Healing, Reiki and other Eastern Medicine practices.  Today, she embodies all these teachings withing her classes and personal sessions.  With over 18 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Rachel has had the opportunity to work with all levels of fitness, ages ranging from young children to 93 year olds, post surgery clientele, specialty range of motion cases, water therapy, sport specific training, emotional imbalances and corrective movement therapy.   

Rachel is one of the professional faces you see at Fit Instincts and loves to work within community events as well. 

Certifications and Experience:

ACE certified Personal Trainer

NASM certified Personal Trainer

NASM certified MMA Conditioning Specialist

NASM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

ICAI certified Animal Aromatherapist

Behavior Change Specialist

Fitness Nutrition

SpinPilates certified Mat Level 1 Pilates

Usui Reiki First Attunement

CFSP certified Feng Shui Consultant

To contact Rachel, e-mail [email protected].