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Services Offered:

Exercise Prescription

Meet with one of our Wellness Providers as they customize a program based on your special health conditions and needs. Corrective exercise and proper movement are paramount in recovery. Muscular imbalances are assessed and then addressed to assist in decreasing pain or sickness in the body. Often times, these are healing programs designed to be reformatted based on your overall progress. 

60 minute sessions - $70

30 minutes sessions - $45


Active Recovery 

Without recovery, our bodies become overworked and over trained. The typical stresses a person encounters on an average day is enough that the central nervous system struggles to recover from the fight or flight response. Choose one of our specialists to assist in the recover of your mind and body.

When muscles become stressed or overactive, we can develop chronic conditions within our muscular and/or skeletal system. Over time, this can lead to other special conditions that affect the body in a negative way. Through the use of active and passive Range of Motion (ROM) techniques, Cryo-and Thermo-therapy, Trigger Point Therapy as well as Myofascial Release, our wellness providers aid in restoring the muscles to their proper alignment thus alleviating chronic and acute pain associated with imbalances. This also has benefits to other systems of the body and is a proven way to help alleviate physical, emotional and psychological stress.

60 minute sessions - $70

30 minutes sessions - $45

Raindrop Therapy - (listed under active recovery)

Raindrop Therapy is a soothing and relaxing session of therapeutic grade essential oils dripped along the spine and feather stroked in using light touch to stimulate deep relaxation and promote healing. Gentle tissue pulls techniques are also used to provide deeper relaxation as well as warm heating packs at the end. We work through the vitaflex points on the bottoms of the feet to help pinpoint any stressed areas of the body. Prepare for a calm and warm environment.

30 minute sessions - $45

Raindrop oils are applied and feather stroked in. Heating pads are used at the end of treatment to increase circulation and relax the body and mind.

60 minute sessions - $70

30 minute session plus added essential oils and acupressure/triggerpoint release work. This is a must if you have a specific area of the body that is tight or causing pain or fatigue. 

Kinetix  - (listed under active recovery)

Is a myo-fascial release technique performed by applying pressure to overactive areas of the body while gentle movements are added it to create a more fluid and lengthened fascia. With the tightness of the fascia released, you will feel lighter and more fluid in movement. Did we mention that 10 times out of 10, every client leaves with reduced pain? Schedule with Paris by calling (719) 506-4297. 

60 minute sessions - $70

90 minute sessions - $105

IV Therapy

IV Therapy is gaining recognition for it’s ability to restore and replenish our bodies with the nutrients we are intended to have. Studies are being conducted on the effects of IV treatments and increased energy, decreased pain, elimination of prescription drugs, chronic disease treatment, immune support and more. 

Treatment cost: $100-200

Workshops and Presentations

We are available for workshops and presentations either in person or in a virtual set up. This is ideal for company and work environments to promote our whole healthcare packages or healthy workplace environments. Please call or schedule a FREE consultation with our Wellness Coordinator to discuss our options.