Do I have to sign up for a program or can I purchase sessions individually?

It is in the best interest of our new client to offer services that will help you achieve abundant health. Our Health Assessment is included with any package as well as three free consultations to make sure you are on the right plan for you and/or your family members.  After your initial 3 month program, you have the option of continuing in a different program or purchasing wellness sessions individually.  The objective being to give you the tools you need to successfully continue a life of wellness and happiness.  

What services does Fit Instincts offer?

We offer a new approach to wellness that compliments existing medical care as well as aiding in health plan reimbursements where applicable.  Our services include:

Exercise Prescription:

Meet with one of our Certified Personal Trainers as they customize a program based on your special health conditions and needs.  Muscular imbalances are assessed and then addressed to assist in decreasing pain or sickness in the body.  Often times, these are healing programs designed to be reformatted based on your overall progress.  

Active Recovery:

When muscles become stressed or overactive, we can develop chronic conditions within our muscular and/or skeletal system.  Over time, this can lead to other special conditions that affect the body in a negative way.  Through the use of active and passive Range of Motion (ROM) techniques, Cryo-and Thermo-therapy, as well as Self-Myofascial Release, our wellness providers aid in restoring the muscles to their proper alignment thus alleviating chronic and acute pain associated with imbalances.  This also has benefits to other systems of the body and is a proven way to help alleviate physical, emotional and psychological stress.  

Nutritional Advancement:

Our focus at Fit Instincts is to provide our clients with realistic programs that are life sustaining.  Our nutrition experts develop guidelines for you to follow that assist with promotion of overall nutrient dense foods as well as foods to combat other health concerns you may have.  This is not a diet program, but rather a series of educational sessions that provide you the tools you need to heal and maintain the health of your body.  You will learn what to add to your caloric intake in order to keep your body functioning at it's best.  We are advocates of whole, organic foods that are minimally or zero processed and provide you with the knowledge of using nutrition to lead a happy, healthy life. 

Health Assessments:

This is our baseline health screening that gives us and you a snapshot of where your health is right now.  We administer a series of tests to determine resting heart rate, blood pressure, body fat analysis, measurements, flexibility evaluation, cardiovascular stress and a corrective exercise summary.  This enables us to give you a clear understanding of what the next steps are in maintaining and/or improving your current health situation.  


Fit Instincts does provide workshops and presentations to other organizations that are actively involved in their employees health.  Topics can cover broad ranges of overall health benefits of exercise, recovery and nutrition and many times we promote how to improve stress management within the workplace and daily life.  

Do you take health insurance?

At this time, we are in the process of applying for and complying to health industry standards to allow insurance coverage.  Your employer may have reimbursement programs offered for wellness packages and often times they will pay a percentage of the overall cost.  Check with your employer to see if you can get the assistance that benefits you and them.