With the new precautions in place with COVID-19, we are pleased to offer a virtual Whole Health program 

The programs have been designed to help you regain strength, increase respiratory wellness, enable stress management, provide postural alignment exercises, and assist with other challenges you may be facing during this time. 

Schedule a FREE consultation with our Wellness Coordinator to see what your top needs are and how you can achieve control over your health. 

Our virtual sessions specialize in, but are not limited to, postural analysis, corrective exercise, stress management, respiratory health and breath work, nutritional advancement with immune boosting education, muscle and fascia release techniques, etc. 

The programs are designed specifically to keep you and your family safe, supported, and healthy while adhering to social distancing and stay at home orders. 

You will need access to video streaming through a computer, smart phone or tablet. 


Fit Instincts Health Plans

With our company, you can be assured to get the most comprehensive plan for life's needs and goals.  Each plan can be customized for you and your family and we provide the ability to change your program every three months, depending on improvements and changes in health.

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Individual Services

If signing up for a monthly plan is not right for you, we customize individual services based on your primary issues and concerns. A consultation with one of our representatives will allow us to determine the best course of action.

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Fitness Without walls

Our new series features in person classes with the option of participating virtually as well. Each class is recorded so during the 3 month series, you have access to every class taught.

Create Abundant Health

By using a preventative approach to wellness, we provide the care, guidance and training to help you create a life of abundant health.  As the most important aspect of a happy life, our health can be restored and maintained to prevent future setbacks.  Our goal at Fit Instincts is to provide you with the ability to do the activities and have the lifestyle that makes you and your family happy.  


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Schedule your Health Assessment today.  Includes a baseline screening of your blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat analysis, measurments, cardiorespiratory test, flexibility evaluation and corrective exercise summary.