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Choose Fit Instincts if you have suffered from disease, pain, inflammatory sickness, joint immobility or are just tired of "not feeling your best." We are a premier whole healthcare clinic designed to treat and teach you through proper movement, recovery sessions, and whole food nutrition. 

Our  team of professionals serve your personal needs, and we combine our efforts in weekly staff meetings to make sure we are on top of your healthcare, thus giving you the very best of what Fit Instincts can offer. 

You already have the skills to undertake wellness competently. It’s ingrained in your cells since birth. You were born with it. You were born with fit instincts.

Logo TaijituChoose Fit Instincts for a whole healthcare plan that focuses on allowing your natural health patterns to emerge once again. 

Your first step is to schedule an Initial Health Assessment and consultation with our Wellness Coordinator so we can analyze your appropriate whole healthcare plan and create the program that is right for you.

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Myofascial Release Class Series

4 - 30 minutes classes for $60

Learn how to increase your performance & recovery while enjoying the summer!

This is a 4 class series designed to teach you about trigger points, acupressure points, referred pain and how to eliminate it with simple to follow steps. By culminating what we have learned through Chinese Medicine and the more modern practices of pressure release techniques, we have designed a protocol you can follow every day. As with all body techniques, each individual is different and some modifications may be made to adjust for your specific self. 

Plan on working through the points and being on the ground during the series.
You can participate in person or from the comforts of home.
(you will need 2 tennis balls to perform the techniques)
Choose from morning classes or evening classes...whichever fits your schedule.
Your participation also grants you access to a recorded class demonstrating the techniques and providing tips on how to stay mobile and healthy. 

Schedule of Classes:

(Each class is 30 minutes)
Tuesday Sept 20th          10am & 6pm
Thursday Sept 22nd        10am & 6pm
Tuesday Sept 27th           10am & 6pm
Thursday Sept 29th         10am & 6pm
Choose from morning classes or evening classes. 
Whichever suits your schedule best.

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The professionals at Fit Instincts are all very important to how the system works as a whole.  Every person brings their unique qualities and various levels of expertise to the clinic to ensure the client is getting the very best care and guidance. 

Rachel Kutskill

Wellness Coordinator

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Tinece Riley

Certified Personal Trainer

Women's Fitness Specialist

Rebecca VanDover

Energyro Studio

Gyrotonics Practitioner

Emilie Pomerleau

Yoga & Breath Specialist

Adventure Educator

Paris Latka

Kinetix Practitioner

Bowspring Specialist

Jocelyn Martinez

Soulsmile Health Coach

Meal delivery program

Missy Mihelich

Yoga & Barre Instructor

Movement Specialist

Julie Berg

Mindset Movement

NIA Specialist

Michal LeBaron

Whole Hearted Healing

Chronic Illness Solutions

Next Steps...

Call or text (719) 506-4297 to set up your Free Consultation or Book Online for your Initial Health Assessment.